If you believe that we are infringing on a Trademark and you would like to file a notification with our company, the information you provide below will be used by our legal counsel to investigate the claim. Please note that all designs contained on this site are created in-house and all PSD files are saved with their layered format intact to demonstrate the originality of the designs.

To file a notification, you must provide the following information:

Section 1: Complainant’s Information

  1. Your Full Legal Name
  2. Company Name
  3. Trademark Owner
  4. Your relationship to trademark owner (what is your authority to make this complaint?)
  5. Your Complete Contact Information

Section 2: Trademark Details

  1. Jurisdiction of trademark registration
  2. Registration number (If you are claiming use rights, please cite the grounds for your use-based rights, e.g. company website)

Section 3: Content Details

  1. Each URL in question
  2. Describe how you believe the trademark is being infringed

Section 4: Legal Affirmations

By submitting a notification via email, you are agreeing to and including the following statements:

  1. “I have a good faith belief that the use of the trademarks described above with the content described above are not authorized by the trademark owner or its agent, nor is such use otherwise permissible under law.”
  2. “I represent that the information in this notification is true and correct and that I am authorized to act on behalf of the trademark owner.”
  3. “I consent to my information being used by the notified entity’s legal counsel in any way necessary to complete a thorough vetting of this notification.”

Email the above information to